Contact lens care depends of their material and wear schedule:

Lens care varies depending of their material and wear schedule.
Single use lens are disposed at the end of the day and do not require cleaning.
Multiple use lenses need regular cleaning and disinfection to prevent surface contamination and infections. offers solution for contact lenses at affordable prices!
Multifunctional contact lens solutions are the most common method for rinsing, disinfecting, cleaning, and storing soft lenses- we offer precisely these eye lenses solutions at affordable prices:
  • ZEISS All-in-one ADVANCE contact lens solution. It is a universal solution for contact lenses of any type.
The latest multifunctional solutions for contact lenses contain ingredients that improve the surface wettability and the comfort of silicone hydrogel lenses.
When considering online order of contact lens solution you should take into account that Contact Lens Solution is strongly recommended not only for cleaning contact lenses but also for cleaning their cases to avoid infections. It is also recommended to replace the lenses case once monthly and store it in a clean and safe environment!
The contact lenses are cleaned of most significant proteins, lipids, and residues mechanically by rubbing the index finger on the palm with small amount of lens solution as lubricant. However, it does not sterilize the lenses and should be carried out only before sterilization cycle (e.g. when removing contact lenses for the night).
Water will not disinfect your contact lenses at all and can even contaminate these causing potentially severe damages to the eye.
Therefore, at, we recommend our customers eye lenses solutions at affordable prices from the best ones - ZEISS All-in-one ADVANCE.
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